About us

RADKA Polska since 2002 is the official distributor of the whole range of selected chemical - technical products, mainly chemical specialities, produced by leading chemical companies in the world. We offer for the clients the complete range of technical and logistical services, what is possible thanks to warehouses in Błonie near to Wrocław.

We are engaged in purchase and sales operations of the chemical technical products used mainly in:

  • Building & Construction
  • Synthetic yarns and rubber chemicals
  • Painting industry
  • Water treatment operations
    and others.

Our products and materials are the best quality. We offer such materials as plastic granules, titanium dioxide, pigment pastes, products for water and water treatment, fillers, additives for paints and varnishes, additives for dry mortars and additives for plastics and rubber.
We constantly provide technological service and contact with our technologists familiar with available products.